Dramatis Personae

It’s occurred to me that the passing visitor to this blog might wonder who the various characters to whom I make passing reference might be. So, for clarification, here’s a provisional cast list, which is subject to change and amendment, and has been organised alphabetically for ease:
(I expect I shall add to this list from time to time)

Arky-ologee Club
Lenham Archaeology Society. It’s probably not (quite) as bad as I describe it. It does have its highlights, but there’s no denying that scrubbling in the dirt for bits of broken pot is an acquired taste. Currently on the point of going tits up.

Astro Club
Ashford Astronomical Society. Which (it has to be said) is bloody excellent, and meets in Woodchurch on the last Friday of every month. If you’re free on any last Friday of any month, do come along. Seriously – it is well worth while.

The sobriquet of Chipworthy Chippington O'Lata; so named due to his resemblance of a fragment of potato. Ignore any other tales of the origin of his alias...

The bin in which one deposits chods. Also known as "Trap One", it's somewhere where I often hide when my time could (and should) be more constructively employed elsewhere. The place can actually be "checked into" on Facebook

Daddies Little Angel TM
The most recent fruit of my loin. Can be a tad loud occasionally. Seems to collect animals, and is less than respectful about the world around her in her occasional blogging.

er indoors TM
The darling wife of twenty five years. Not quite as wide in the arse department as once she was. She used to blog too

My first grand-dog. Named either for what he looks like or what he does.
Supposedly the dog of “My Boy TM; he spends an awful lot of time with his Grandad.

Gordon Tracy
An advocate of hunting tupperware who seems to spend an awful lot of his time in rivers

Kite Club
Brighton Kite Fliers. OK – so Brighton is sixty miles away. But they are the best kite club in the south east, and probably in the entire UK.

My Boy TM
The first fruit of my loin. Doesn’t blog, but twits occasionally.

A diet website. It worked for me.

Other Dog
My most recent grand-dog. So named because I can't pronounce his name (Buster). Or so I tell my grand-son

Rear Admiral
An associate who has only recently overcome his fear of maggots and fish.

My grand-pug. Spends most of his time with “Daddy’s Little Angel TMwhen not having gastric difficulties over my kitchen floor.

The Man with No Alias (Patent Pending)

A particularly loyal reader who had bookmarked this blog on his phone. However he has no alias. If any other readers have a spare one, they might care to allow him to hire it on holidays and high days