22 January 2018 (Monday) - More Cake

I woke feeling full of beans and raring to go only to find it was only twelve minutes past one o’clock. I tried to get back to sleep but woke about every twenty minutes to see what the time was.
Yesterday I clouted my head on the boot of "er indoors TM"’s car boot. It was *really* sore when I eventually emerged from my pit this morning.
When I came downstairs my smart meter monitor thingy said we’d used sixty pence worth of power before six o’clock. How is that possible? I’m not at all happy with my smart leccie and gas meters. By ten o’clock last night the two meters between them had clocked up five quid’s worth of energy used. That works out to a monthly bill of getting on for a hundred and fifty quid. Before we got the smart meters I was paying a fixed rate of ninety quid a month. And now nearly sixty quid extra; an inflation rate of sixty-seven per cent.

There was a minor disaster as I sat down to watch “The Good Place” over brekkie. The Chromecast device (crucial to watching Netflix) couldn’t connect to the house network. After a lot of farting about I pulled the thing’s plug out, re-booted it, and all was fine.
I quite liked episode six of “The Good Place”.

I then had a look at the Internet. Facebook was first. I know I shouldn’t; I get so wound up. I found two particular posts rather ironic this morning.
A few of us were effectively bullied out of a social group a year or so ago, and the bully’s best mate was posting all sorts of anti-bullying memes.
And then the one who had spent the last couple of years posting up anti-cruelty stuff featuring animals in distress had the arse because others were doing the same.

With no emails overnight I went to get dressed. There was a minor disaster; the shirt I bought from Matalan on Saturday didn’t fit. It had been made so that the arms of the wearer were expects to emerge about ten inches below the shoulder, as opposed to at the shoulder (where arms usually emerge).
I put the shirt in a bag to exchange (again) later.

I drove into the town centre to get petrol. The filling station on the ring road is still cheaper than anywhere else.
Today the amazingly attractive grannie was nowhere to be seen. Instead there was a spotty oik who had never heard of Cadbury’s mini-eggs. I asked if he had any Cadbury’s mini-eggs; he pointed at the Cadbury’s crème eggs. I explained what Cadbury’s mini-eggs were; he pointed at the crème eggs and said they were the same. I explained that Cadbury’s mini-eggs were about a tenth of the size. He said they weren’t, and in addition to my petrol he tried to charge me for a Cadbury’s crème egg.

As I drove to work the pundits on the radio were all a-twitter about the senior general of the British army. General Carter was making a speech about how the Russian army could kick the British Army’s arse in a fight. Is anyone *really* expecting the Russians to invade?
There was also an interview with the chairman of the UK Independence Party. UKIP is in disarray; its leader has made several bad judgement calls recently (according to the pundits on the radio) but despite a vote of no confidence in him, he refuses to go.
The Chairman of UKIP was asked if the party even had a role in British politics any more; he failed to make a convincing case.

I got to work, and had a rather good day. We had cake again. I came home via Matalan where I got a replacement for my replacement shirt. I shall try it on in the morning.

"er indoors TM" boiled up some scran then went bowling. Treacle made herself comfortable in Fudge’s basket; Fudge and I curled up on the sofa and watched telly. The second episode of “Britannia” was rather good (despite the geological incongruities) and I watched last week’s episode of “SAS: Who Dares Wins”.
Much as I like that show, I can’t help but feel that a lot of it is staged…

21 January 2018 (Sunday) - Still Raining

I went to the loo at seven o’clock, and with nothing much planned for the day I thought I’d have half an hour more in bed. I woke up at half past nine. What a waste of a morning.
Over brekkie I had a little look-see on-line. There are mutterings of a road trip to the French geo-mega meet in Dunkirk in July so I solved a puzzle or two in the area from the comfort of my sofa. Some by traditional means, some not so.
I was rather pleased by something I saw on Facebook. Yesterday I wrote up some C.P.D., and being rather happy with one article I posted it to a work-based Facebook group I follow. It was accepted (they don’t accept any old rubbish) and by this morning it had received nearly thirty “likes”.

Despite the cold and the rain I took the dogs for a walk (hoping for a better result than yesterday). I suppose Fudge was better behaved than he was yesterday, but he inadvertently got me into a squabble. Just as the rain and hail was turning to sleet and snow I shouted for him to get a move on. I shouted that he was too slow. At this point he was about a hundred yards behind. You needed to be eagle-eyed to see him, and a passing big fat woman wasn’t eagle-eyed. She wasn’t happy at being told to get a move on and that she was too slow. I explained I was calling my dog; she pointed at Treacle who was at my feet. I pointed at Fudge; she couldn’t see him. I showed her my double-ended dog lead, but that cut no ice with her. Eventually she stormed off down the path, walking right past Fudge.
I was glad to get home.

Once home I puzzled a little more, then we settled the dogs and set off to Hastings to visit mums (and dad). Our first port of call was the Aldi in Hastings. I like their granola bars for lunch. A packet of those in Aldi is seventy-nine pence. But now that I’m on secondment to the hospital in Pembury I don’t go anywhere near an Aldi. The closest things I can find in Asda cost over two quid. We also bought some cake and took that round to see mum.
It was as well that we’d visited. Her phone needed some updates, and she was rather confused by it. Instead of reading the instructions and pressing one button, she’d decided to announce that it was all beyond her and just ignore it. In all honesty this is what most people do, and (to an extent) it works for most of the time. We hooked up her phone to my phone’s wireless hot-spot, and updated a dozen or so apps.
We then visited mother-in-law who was watching the snooker. I too watched the snooker, snoring gently until it was time for us to leave.

Once home I tried to geo-puzzle some more. Rather unsuccessfully. There was one particular geo-puzzle I wanted to solve as I will probably be walking right past it next weekend. I managed to decipher the code, but I ended up at a dead end. I emailed the chap who’d set the puzzle. He replied almost immediately, but he couldn’t remember how it was done.

With "er indoors TM" off bowling I watched the first episode of the new series on Sky Atlantic – Britannia. It is supposed to be about the Roman invasion of Britain in AD43. I studied this at school with a teacher who brought the subject to life. So far the show’s makers haven’t take too many liberties with the subject matter. However I’m struggling with the show. I’ve spent my entire life living pretty much where the early stages of the invasion took place. And even allowing for the passage of a couple of thousand years, Kent never had granite cliffs or huge waterfalls or weird rock formations like those seen in the show. If they had chalk cliffs and none of these utterly implausible rocky outcrops then I might be happier with it.
I think I shall just pretend the show is about the Roman invasion of south Wales (where it was filmed). That might work.
The SkyPlus box has downloaded the second episode. I shall watch that tomorrow.

Oh – today would have been "er indoors TM"’s great-grandmother’s one hundred and thirty-ninth birthday. An amazing woman. She once told me she stopped taking sugar in tea in 1916. There was a war on, you know…

20 January 2018 (Saturday) - Geo-Meet

For some time the plan for the morning had been a little wander round Faversham before the geo-meet. I woke to rather heavy rain. The forecast said the rain would get worse, so (as far as we were concerned) the walk was abandoned. There are those who say there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad preparation. There are those who see going walking in the rain as some sort of macho competition. To those people I would respectfully say “no!” I’ve done that in the past.
Turning up to a geo-meet after such a walk and having to go to the lavatory so you can wring out your pants isn’t something I’d care to repeat.

I checked my emails and had something of a shock. There was an advert for a supervisory position in.. well, I won’t say where. But if interested the person to contact was an ex-trainee of mine. I wrote quite the little diatribe about the chap, but decided against publishing it. You never know – I might want to be on his good side one day now he’s a senior manager, and I’m not…
There were also several new geocaches that had gone live, but none especially local.
Facebook amazed me – it invited me to join the Facebook group of the 1st Saltwood scout group. Why would I want to join that group? I did my bit with scouting for thirteen years (1996 – 2009).

I spent an hour writing up more C.P.D. – it’s a work thing. Everyone who is state registered is supposed to keep their skills and knowledge up to date, and to show they do so. Keeping up to date is easy but proving that you do so takes a little effort. You can do this however you like. I choose to write a blog. Getting the evidence together is easy enough. To be honest writing it up is easy enough too – I just have to find time to do it. In my last job I used to write it up during the night shifts. My current night shifts are too busy for that. I found an hour this morning. Currently everything is now written up. I’m pleased about that.

Despite the rain the dogs wanted a little walk. I thought I could get them walked then dry myself before going out later. Usually I like a walk with my dogs. Today’s was a misery. It started bad when Fudge picked a full-blown fight with a Labrador ten times his size. The poor Labrador just wanted to be left alone; I don’t think Fudge drew blood, but it was close. And then just when we were all soaked from the rain, after twenty minutes of slowly plodding a hundred yards behind, Fudge sprinted off to join in with another group of dog-walkers who made a point of hurrying off in the opposite direction to which we wanted to go.
He then had a crap. He can’t do it in one big pile. He has to spread it out; one turd every yard or so for ten yards.
I was *so* pleased to get home.

We settled the dogs and went out for the day. First of all to Matalan. One of the shirts I’d bought last Sunday had a rip in it. The nice people at Matalan replaced it without quibbling.
We then drove to Faversham. There is a geocache there I’ve failed to find three times. I failed to find it a fourth time.
From there it was a short hop to the Market Inn where the Kent hunters of Tupperware were staging their one hundredth meeting. It was a rather good meet-up. I chatted with all sorts of people about all sorts of things. Insults were bandied, plans were made, ideas were exchanged. It is always good to catch up with like-minded friends. It was a very good meet-up. If I can achieve half as much at the meet I’m staging in February I shall be well pleased.
A bottle of Brilliant ale was followed by a bottle of stout. Then a pint of Bishop’s Finger with a Master Brew chaser, and a bottle of Spitfire for afters.

Suitably refreshed we gave Karl and Tracey a lift back to the station; pausing only briefly to find a geocache which had previously foxed us. And then we went to the one we failed to find earlier. Apparently it was actually missing earlier; we soon found the replacement,

We came home, and I had a little doze; that fifth pint had been somewhat soporific.

"er indoors TM" boiled up some dinner, and then went off to the Saturday night film session. I stayed with the dogs, and watched a film on Netflix. “Allegiant”. It was tripe. I turned it off half way through.