24 September 2017 (Sunday) - Bewl Water

Another very restless night; when I wasn’t wrestling with the puppy my sleep was harried by nightmares about an old school friend who had turned up out of the blue wanting me to look after a pet tiger; in my dreams he’d heard about the puppy and so thought I was used to wild animals.

I had a little look at Facebook over brekkie. There were some photos from last night’s birthday party. There weren’t any more photos from the dog party though. For all that everyone was taking photos, only me and "er indoors TM" had posted any on-line. Such a shame.

We got ourselves and the dogs together and drove out to Flimwell. There are two series of geocaches around Bewl Water reservoir, and they made the basis of a rather good walk. In a novel break with tradition we arrived at the designated car parking space first, but soon our pals arrived, and we set off on a rather good walk. And after a couple of hours we were back at the car. We then drove a mile or so down the road and had another good walk.
We followed well laid out routes through beautiful countryside. As we walked we saw horses and cows and sheep and chickens. And a pair of buzzards circling over the chickens. We also bumped into friends who were walking the cache series in the correct order (we were going backwards), and met other cachers too. We rarely meet any other hunters of Tupperware when we are out; today we met loads.
I rather liked the stretches of the walk alongside the Bewl water reservoir; it was good to watch the people boating and fishing. Both dogs had a paddle, and we had a really good laugh at the silly normal people who’d walked into the mud and lost a welly boot. We spent a very entertaining ten minutes watching them trying to retrieve the boot. There is nothing as entertaining as other people’s misfortunes, is there?
Mind you the mud was probably there because reservoir did seem to be rather empty.

Cache-wise it was a good walk – caches were in good repair. The given co-ordinates were mostly spot-on; I thought a couple were a tad awry but helpful hints made for reasonably quick finds. I quite liked the ducks on the caches.
There was one that eluded us though; despite a thorough search we had to give up.

We did the first series of caches as the C.O. had intended; however looking at Google street view yesterday had put me off parking at the suggested parking location for the second part of the day. I don’t like parking in a pub car park and then clearing off for hours, and the street parking looked tight.
So we parked at cache #24 which was half a mile down the road from the start. We walked in reverse order which cleverly had us arriving at the pub toward the end of the walk.
Whilst sitting in the beer garden at the end of the day we had a phone call from friends we’d met earlier in the day and told them about our DNF. They’d found the cache…

I dozed much of the way home; once home "er indoors TM" boiled up some pizza, then went bowling. I posted up some photos I’d taken during our walks today, and then tried to set up a Netflix account. *Tried* was the operative word here; it wouldn’t accept any form of payment I offered…

23 September 2017 (Saturday) - Birthday Parties

I had a frankly terrible night spent laying awake whilst the puppy stomped all over me, interspersed periodically with attempts to burrow under the covers. I thwarted her most of the time, but still had to hoik her out of the bed more than once.
Over brekkie I had a look at Facebook whilst the dogs barked at what I can only imagine was the voices in their heads; the fact that there is absolutely nothing at all to bark at doesn’t stop them barking.

With "Daddy’s Little Angel TM" off at an interview we drove round to collect "Stormageddon - Bringer of Destruction TM" and Pogo and then went on to Little Burton Farm where Pogo and Treacle were having a dog family reunion. Five of the brothers and sisters of their litter met up with mummy dog and daddy dog (and several associated pooches) for a little get-together, seeing as it is their birthday on Monday.
It all went off as well as a dog reunion could be expected to; I took a few photos whilst we were at it.

"er indoors TM" boiled up a rather good bit of cheese on toast for dinner, and I spent a little while looking at the geo-map in preparation for tomorrow.
I did the monthly accounts, then had an argument with the bank. For years they have provided written statements for my current account and my credit card on the seventeenth of each month. However over the last year they have provided statements for each on seemingly random dates any time between the seventeenth and twenty-fourth. After fifteen minutues of listening to someone from Mumbai spouting incomprehensible gibberish I gave up.

I was feeling tired, so with "er indoors TM" off shopping I went to bed for the afternoon. I’ve not slept *really* well since we came back from holiday; it was good to have a few hours of sleep not disturbed by a restless puppy.

Suitably refreshed we walked up the road to the railway club where (after a little while) "My Boy TM" arrived to a surprise birthday party. Yesterday when fishing he was telling me about the meal that he had been led to believe he’d be going to this evening, and Cheryl’s cover story for what she was up to when she was actually preparing the party.
We had a rather good evening; my mummy and daddy were along; they were looking well...

22 September 2017 (Friday) - A Day's Fishing

The puppy was restless last night. I don’t mind her being *on* the bed; but I draw the line at *in* the bed. She gets under the covers when I am asleep, then tries to push me out. I wasn’t having any of it last night though. Amazing how she never bothers "er indoors TM". I doubt she would dare.

I got up early, watched an old episode of “Dad’s Army”, then set off for a day’s fishing. I stopped off at the co-op to get a sandwich for lunch, then nearly had a fight. As I drove out of the car park a thug was in the way. I slowed, but he showed no sign of moving. I stopped, and waited for him to move. After a few seconds he realised I was there, and loudly and aggressively asked what my f… problem was. I explained that I was trying to drive out of the car park. He looked around and it was as though he had only just realised he was in the way and blocking the way on and out of the car park. He completely changed his attitude, apologised, and got out of the way.

I collected "My Boy TM" and together we drove out to Hartley Lands fishery at Cranbrook. We fished there a while ago and had a very good day. Our hopes were high…
We arrived, looed about and set up. After a couple of hours we moved because we were so cold. The last time we were there we’d set up in the sun, and moved because we were too hot. Today we were cold, and so moved into the sun. Mind you moving to face the sun was probably a mistake as I caught the sun quite seriously.

The fishing was quieter than we’d expected. In fact "My Boy TM" had something of a sulk because he was catching less than me, and I wasn’t catching much. The fishing was odd; I would catch three or four in fifteen minutes, and then nothing for over an hour. I probably ended up with about twenty catches by the time we packed up, and the first fruit of my loin had maybe a third of that.
I also had my biggest ever fish (thirteen pounds in weight) and my second biggest too (eleven pounds in weight), and there is no denying that I had a snigger when "My Boy TM"’s seat collapsed under him.

I had a rather good surprise half an hour before going home; by one of those random flukes it turned out that my old mucker Dave was fishing the next lake today. We used to go fishing together forty years ago; the rod rests I used today were the same ones I used when Dave and I used to fish around Hastings.
It was good to catch up and chat.
I got a selfie with Dave, as well as some other photos of the day.

Once home I unloaded the car, and put out the wet stuff to dry. "er indoors TM" had taken the dogs for a walk and so I got the gear away in five minutes where it might have taken twenty minutes.

"er indoors TM" boiled up a rather good dinner and we scoffed it watching the final of “Lego Masters” whilst the dogs squabbled over their toys. They do that…